Acom 1000

Some time ago I bought an Acom 1000. A good amplifier, reliable, quiet and wonderful protected. I still had some problems in the beginning. When I turn on the amplifier it shuts sometimes off spontaneously. Sometimes when heating up, sometimes after 5 or 10 minutes of operating. No errors appeared in the display. Acom advised me to replace C5. Thise capacitor often caused problems. I also had to look critically at the voltage U1 (7805). Unfortunately without success. Later on I noticed that this often occurred after I had moved the amp. It was obvious something mechanical. After another chat with one of the Acom engineers it was more or less clear it had something to do with the ROM (U12). Cleaning the pins and/or socket would solve the problem. Of course I did this and after that the amplifier worked flawlessly.

Be extremely careful

Before you start take note of the safety and ESD regulations described in the manual.
Remove the 9 black bolts which holds the cover in place and remove it. Take the lids off from the tune-, load- and band knobs and set them in a certain position. Remember this position and remove the knobs. Do not rotate the knobs and shafts in order to prevent twisting of the capacitor. Remove the 3 silver bolts to the underside of the amplifier. These hold the front panel in place. This is easiest if the front of the amplifier is pushed something over the table edge. Then, push the amp back on the table. Remove the 3 silver bolts on the top, tilt the front penal and lay it face down on the table. Remove the two most right-hand connectors and the 4 silver bolts at the corners of the aluminum lid. Tilt the lid and take out the ROM to clean the pins and socket.
Place the ROM gently back into the socket and put the amp further together. Be careful when replacing the capacitor knobs. If you rotate the shaft a bit the scale is no longer correct. Then there is no other option than to remove the 15 bolts of the black inner cover to view the position of the caps.
Now the amp stood on the bench was the right opportunity to install an extra 24V fan. I used an extra switch because the fan does make a bit too much noise. Now I can turn it on and off.
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