HamNet connection

The website is running on a Raspberry Pi B v2 with Ubuntu as operating system. The distance between my QTH and the access point PI1UTR on the Gerbrandy-tower (IJsselstein) is about 5 km. I use a 5GHz WiFi connection to access. For this (is) was a Ubiquiti AirGrid M5 HI POWER antenna (Vertical Polarization) on the roof. Power is about 3 dBm with a gain of 27 dBi.
In the winter there are no leaves on the tree which is exactly in the line of sight, so the connection is stable. In the summer this "beautiful" tree gives a reduction of more then 15 dB and the 3 dBm output power is no longer sufficient. Fortunately, the Ubiquiti has a maximum output of 25 dBm, so there is still room.
If the connection is no longer reliable by then, I will have to go back to a VPN connection.


    For an experiment to stream video I connected a camera to the RaspberryPi whose images are only shown on HamNet. It's the well known RaspberryPi camera module version V2.1 and we'll see what the results are on Hamnet.
    No guarantee that the camera is always on.

    No 5GHz anymore

    Unfortunately, the Ubiquiti stoped during my vacation. No power led, no connection, nothing at all. The POE was oké, so the problem had to be in the antenna itself. Fortunately, it appeared to be easy to open it. The front cover is very easy to remove, it is only snaped on the base and sealed with a small amount of (silicone) kit. Although I have no examples, I do not think it's very waterproof in the long run. I do not know why the Ubiquiti has gone. The PCB is not visibly affected by water, but that is of course no guarantee. It happened during my vacation, so a user error is excluded :-) I know, is not in the spirit of a "real" radio amateur, but for now I have to use the good old VPN connection again.

    Back on (5GHz) track

    For 18 months I was not very happy with the fact that I could no longer connect to HamNet over the air. Eventually I made the decision to buy a new WiFi device again and to establish a connection with the Gerbrandy tower AP. It has become a MikroTik RBLHG-5HPnD-XL. 27 DBi gain and a built-in router. I also purchased a MikroTik RB750R2 router for expansion in the future. A setup with lots of possibilities and as many problems to overcome. With the help of Rob, PE1CHL (HamNet expert) we managed to get everything on track. It is a very instructive project with plenty of opportunities and challenges.

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