Antenna Analyzer

A lot has been written on the internet about the antenna analyzer of Jury, EU1KY, but I still want to share my findings here with you.
The plan to duplicate this device was suggested at the local division "Nieuwegein" of the VERON. I have reconstructed this analyzer with four other radio amateurs.
The STM32F746 Discovery kit from STMicroelectronics forms the basis of the device. Due to the enormous popularity of this kit it was (is) very difficult to obtain, but in the end we managed to get 5 of them. Martin, PA0MWU made the PCBs for the RF frontend and also selected and ordered the parts for this. We are still very grateful to him.
Placing the SMD parts was not very difficult. With a magnifying glass and a small soldering iron it is easy to do. Only some skills are required for placing the SIS5351A but on YouTube you can find numerous videos with useful tips. There is a clear schematic and layout available.
Much has been written about this analyzer in various forums, but often the language is Russian or Polish and translating with Google Translate does not always do the job. For those who have difficulty with this there is also a lot to be found on a German forum. But this must not be the only reason to look around here.
Wolfgang, DH1AKF has done a lot of work here and has further expanded the original firmware of Jury, EU1KY. Many nice and useful functions have been added and certainly worth a look at. Although the operation is pretty much straightforward the usermanual published in German and Enlish is available to download. The hardware remains the same for both software versions (EU1KY/DH1AKF), so experimenting is very easy.
Unfortunately, Wolfgang Kiefer, DH1AKF died unexpectedly on March 19th, 2021 after a brief but serious infection at the age of 71.
To complement the device Elekitoparts has developed a beautiful enclosure with a built-in battery power supply, so that the analyzer can be used portable. The device is well protected. Martin, DL8CQ has developed an enclosure that can be printed on a 3D printer. The necessary files are on
Also Björn, PD5DJ has developed a one with great precision. For details check
I do not have a 3D printer myself, so I ordered an enclosure from Björn. Unfortunately, he does not make them anymore but, lucky me, he had one left. The DIY kit consists 6 very solid printed parts which fit perfectly together. All holes are already in there and it comes with all nuts, bolts and spacers.

Your fantasy is endless....

Of course there are many possibilities for enclosures.
To give you a small impression, here are the results of the creations made by my 4 fellow radio amateurs, PA0ADG Gerard (SK), PA0MWU Martin, PA3GDO Harm and PA3CKR Charlos.
A beautiful result.
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