Amplifier Keying modification

On the website of "Mundo Radio" I found an article that makes it possible for me to key an amplifier with my Icom-706MKIIG. The article is originally written by WB8BFS.
Because it might be nice to use my ACOM-1000 with the ICOM IC-706MKIIG, I decided to make this "modification". A must for me was that the 13 pin ACC socket remains free for other purposes like digital modes. On the website from WB8BFS (unfortunately no longer available) was a very detailed description how the modification with one single Darlington transistor (TIP127) is done.
Because I do not want unnecessary soldering to the delicate PCB I have soldered the (red) wire not directly on the board like WB8BFS did, but at the other site of on the board, on pin 3 from the ACC socket.

Cooling Fan modification

High temp is known as the worst enemy of ANY electronic component, both digital or analog devices. Now the Icom IC-706MKIIG was opened it was time to do something about the high temperature during RX (receive) mode. A 220 ohms resistor connected in the PA board, between the switched +13.8 volts and the blower positive lead will make the fan run all the time, very quietly and dropping the case temperature to very near that one show by former 706. This mod is active only in RX mode. It will not change or disable the TX (transmit) blower rotation that is controlled by the temperature sensor. Therefore, in TX mode, the ventilation system will operate as usual.

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